Triple the Business

Some of my clients are quilters who love to piece, but not finish quilting and binding. I often have requests to do these parts for them. Both can be time consuming, but I find them fun.

One of my recent orders involving one of these quilters was in March. My mother-in-law had given my name and information to a previous co-worker, who had recently taken a quilting class, and was happy to call me and have me long arm her almost finished project.

I was glad for the business, as I hadn’t done any work for a client since January or so. But imagine my jubilation when I found out that she wasn’t the only one who had taken the class- her best friend and friend’s two daughters had also made a quilt- and wanted me to do theirs too!

The client, and her best friend, and one of the best friend’s daughters all mailed me their quilts. Triple the business!!

What really stuck out to me here was the fact that all of the clients had done the same class, and their quilts were all the same pattern. And yet, the colors and fabrics and also what kind of quilting they wanted varied immensely.

The first client’s quilt was made out of multicolored batiks. On that one I used teal thread and a paisley quilting pattern. The result was very pretty. My mother said it was “stunning”.

The second’s client’s quilt was yellow, green, and bright pink. I used white thread for this one, in a floral design.

The second client’s daughter made the quilt that was probably my favorite. I thought it was really cute. It was in all nautical fabrics, and so I decided to use a whale quilting pattern. I used a red, white, and blue variegated thread for the stitching.

I mailed the quilts back to the clients, and they all loved them. In fact, the first client is sending me another quilt! I’m glad I was able to help three more happy customers!

Always quilting,



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