A Creative Way to Display your Collection!


In the past months I have been very busy with life in general, but as soon as I got the chance to write this blog, I knew exactly which order I was going to write about!

It was the beginning of December when I got call from a new client, with a very interesting request. He had gotten my information from Blue Hen Quilt Shop, where my friends let me leave business cards. His parents had recently downsized, and his father had been forced to get rid of a collection of hats that he had owned.

The client had salvaged some of the hats, and asked me to make a pillow out of them. His father did not know about it, as it was to be a gift. I took the job, though I had never done anything like it before. It was very exciting!

He brought me thirteen hat insignias that I would use to make the pillow case from. (The pillow was plain) Making the pillow case out of hats, as I had never done before, was a challenge, but was also fun, because I learned from the experience.

The first step was to trim the hat insignias. I then fused them to a 20” square of fabric. On my machine, I stitched around them. Next, I layered the case on my beloved long arm machine. I hand guided around them, and I was very pleased with the results.

So was the customer! He, being a lawyer, suggested that I patent the design. (My daughter found this hilarious!) It is unclear whether I will do this, but I was very glad to know I had done such a good job on something very new to me.

New challenges are always welcome to me, though some things are harder than others. It is always fascinating to see how things turn out! Though there may be a day that I have to turn down a request, I hope that day doesn’t come soon!

It was definitely hard, but I am willing to do it again if it means business. What a creative way to display a collection!

Always Quilting,



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