Longarm Quilting

Are you a quilter who loves to piece, but not to quilt? I offer long arming for those sewing moments when you just want it done I have a computer controlled long-arm, but I do free motion also. I  have a vast library of patterns, and am willing to talk to any one who has trouble deciding which design to go with. I also have an abundance of different threads, and it is completely up to you which color I use, though I can offer my opinion if there are any doubts.

My newest endeavor in long arm quilting is couching yarn onto quilts (see pictures below the post), adding a soft and adorable side to your project. I can do this in any pattern.

I love working with one time clients as well as my returning customers. I am always open minded as to what you can do with a long arm on a quilt. If long arming your quilt is something you’re interested in, please contact me and I will get you an estimate of price and we can start working together on finishing your masterpiece.

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