Custom Quilting

The Hexology Quilt

This month I had the pleasure of quilting a quilt made from Erin Underwood’s hexology pattern. The quilt was beautiful, and I loved it before I even quilted it.

The quilt featured eighteen colorful hexagons on a solid background. There were many different piecing designs within the hexagons. Therefore, the customer wanted custom quilting. 

Custom quilting is quilting that is designed specifically for the blocks and borders rather than doing one design over the entire quilt.

I chose a swirl design for the outer border , and then put a small six sided flower in the smaller hexagons.

Next came the fun part. I got to choose a quilting design for each type of hexagon. For several of the hexagons, I chose a design already on my long arm’s computer. For one, I even modified a computer design to make it fit the hexagon better. For otherS, I made up a design and hand-guided it onto the hexagon, such as in the below picture.

One of the Hexagons

In that particular hexagon, I stitched “pebbles” to make the three-dimensional sections really pop.

I really enjoyed the challenge and creativity of finding quilting designs that would showcase each hexagon’s individuality. 

Lastly, I hand-guided stippling, which is basically doodling with thread– very fun, in all of the cream colored background space.

My quilting made an already stunning quilt look even more unique and spectacular.

I am looking forward to my next custom quilt! 

-Always Quilting, Christina Morris

This quilt is made from the Hexology pattern by Erin Underwood