Necktie Dilemma

This was my latest order.  It was something new for me! I had never used neckties before.  It was definitely a learning experience.  First of all, I had not thought about the fact that many ties are silk and therefore stretchy.  I decided to use fusible interfacing on all of the ties instead of just the stretchier ones to give me a more uniform feel at the end.

Some of the ties were light enough that white interfacing worked, but for most of the ties I used black.  This was also helpful as a few of the ties were older and fraying a little.  The interfacing will stop the fraying so the blocks will last longer.

Next I laid out the quilt with the fuchsia fabric that the customer and I had chosen for the sashing (fabric between the blocks) since that was her favorite color.  I sent her a picture and then we had a dilemma. She didn’t think the fuchsia was the best choice.  We thought about gray but decided on this royal blue.  And I am so glad that we changed it.  The blue made the ties stand out without being too distracting like the fuchsia would have done.

My next hurdle was the initials that the customer asked for.  I have cut out letters in the past and hand stitched or machine stitched them on.  But she asked for script letters which are much harder to machine stitch and so I decided to try something I had heard about at a quilting conference last year.  I put a square of beige tie over another tie block and had the longarm stitch the initials.  I then trimmed away the extra fabric and voila!

Once the initials were done it was all downhill work.  The quilting went quickly and so did the binding.

The customer picked it up and was very pleased with the result!  Another happy customer.