One LONG term project!


Many years ago I offered to let my daughter choose blocks for a quilt for her bed.  She was getting older and outgrowing the adorable ducky quilt Mom and I had made for her when she was two.  I gave her an applique pattern book thinking she would pick one or two and then I would piece the rest of the blocks.

Boy, was I wrong!

Instead Maddie chose 25 blocks.  I managed to get her to choose her favorite 15 and told her it would be years before I was finished.  She agreed.  Several times over the next 4 years she regretted her decision as I carefully hand appliqued flowers, leaves, baskets, and a bird.

But over the summer I finally finished the quilt and entered it in the Ladybug Quilt Guild’s show.  It won 2nd place for hand applique bed-sized quilts!!

Maddie now loves sleeping under this labor of love.  Her favorite blocks are the bird and the dragonflies.  My favorite element is the shimmery fabric I found in our scrap bag for the dragonflies’ wings.


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